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X-Factor Contestant Wearing Bindi For Audition Causes Controversy

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  •  September 4, 2015


The auditions for TV Talent Hunt Reality Show: X-Factor, are going on in England, and one incidence during the auditions caused an upsurge of tweets on twitter.

No, it’s not about the performance of any contestant, nor about the comments of any judge. It is about a tiny little ‘Bindi’ that a Caucasian woman contestant, Chloe, sported on her forehead. Even though her performance succeeded in impressing the judges, many people merely paid attention to that little speck on the head. And what followed next were opinionated tweets accusing her for cultural appropriation. Have a look:

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There was one who appreciated Chloe. High-Five!

We think Chloe is looking absolutely adorable with that little tinge of Indian grace. All the people who are cascading hurtful rantings on Chloe, claiming that a non-hindu has no right to adorn this traditional symbol, please note:

  • It is HER choice. If she wants to wear it, let her. How does it bother you?
  • Maybe she admires our culture, and is happy to embrace it. Why else would she wear it on the day she’s auditioning?
  • And even in case she’s using the bindi as a decorative fashion accessory, what’s the harm? The world is a global village with different cultures and traditions fusing into each other. Isn’t the spreading of our culture across national borders an optimistic thing?

Tell us your take on the incident.

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