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World reacts to High-Heeled Controversy at Cannes

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  •  May 21, 2015


Few days back we claimed that Cannes 2015 would kickstart a promising year for women, our own unawareness of the future got a harsh kick by a high-heeled show. Yes, you read it right. 

A bunch of women in their 50s were denied entry to the screening of Carol because they were wearing flats. Some of these women were apparently elderly and handicapped. It’s ironic, because the movie is about a lesbian relationship and has themes of women empowerment.

Although, Thierry Frémaux, Cannes director, denied these allegations and called these claims unfounded.

“The rumour saying the festival insists on high heels for women on the red carpet is unfounded,” he said in response to critics on Twitter.

As you can expect, this heel issue reached its heights with celebrities criticizing Cannes gender-biased fashion-policing on social media.

Among those joining the backlash was actor Emily Blunt: “Everyone should wear flats, to be honest. We shouldn’t wear high heels. That’s very disappointing, just when you kind of think there are these new waves of equality.”

Sicario director Denis Villeneuve joked that he and Blunt’s co-stars, Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin, would wear high heels to the premiere in solidarity. However, Villeneuve and his actors wore men’s shoes when they appeared on the red carpet before the early evening premiere.

Also critical of the dress code was Asif Kapadia, director of the Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, which premiered in Cannes last week. Kapadia tweeted that his wife had initially been denied entry to the screening because of her footwear, but was eventually allowed in.

And what is your reaction to this news?

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