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World Bank: Indian Women Need Husbands’ Approval To Get Job

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  •  September 11, 2015


A recent study by the World Bank says that in as many as 18 nations women need permission of their husbands to get a job. The sad reality is, women face job restrictions both inside and outside her home.

This report was meant to find out the condition of women in service and business sectors. Shockingly, it was found that women face job restrictions in 100 out of 173 economies monitored.

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim said, “It is a grave injustice when societies place legal restrictions on women’s ability to get a job, or participate in economic life. Women – like men – deserve every opportunity to fulfill their potential, no matter where they live.”

Other reports from this study say:

  • Women are barred from working in certain factory jobs in 41 countries.
  • In 29 countries, women are prohibited from working at night, and in 18 countries they cannot get jobs without permission from their husbands.
  • Only half of the economies covered have paternity leave, and less than a third have parental leave, limiting men’s ability to share childcare responsibilities.
  • In 30 countries, married women cannot choose where to live and in 19 they are legally obligated to obey their husbands.

Jim Yong Kim continued, “These restrictions are bad economics. Women represent over half the world’s population. We can’t afford to leave their potential untapped. When women can work, manage incomes and run businesses, the benefits extend far beyond the individual level – to children, communities and entire economies.”

We couldn’t agree more. And you?

Excerpts taken from NDTV.

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