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WonderGirl: 9 jobs to handle, sick father to care, 85% to score in exam

  • IWB Post
  •  May 20, 2015


Shalini, a resident of Bangalore, found a special place in our hearts. This girl is just 17, and at this tender age she works at nine part time jobs, cares for her sick father and brother…. And it doesn’t end here because she just exhibited her academic brilliance by scoring 85% in science stream!

While many 17 year olds spend their day away dawdling and not doing anything productive, she works as a maid in several neighborhood houses, ventures to an office to clean bathrooms, does a fair amount of studying and devotes time to her father, Amugam who is bed ridden since Shalini was seven, and a little brother, Surya, who has been diagnosed with blood cancer this year only.

Her daily routine starts at the crack of dawn and off she goes, doing her tasks diligently. Of course, she had a choice. We always have a choice even in the most stringent conditions of the financial need. She had a choice to do as she pleased. She could have just been demanding from the poor working mother. She could have concentrated on her studies to score a higher percentage than now. However, she didn’t. She helped her mother, Vijayaya at the time she needed her daughter the most.

“If I had not put in so much time in the hospital, I might have scored better,” she told the Mirror. “But my brother is more important to me than marks.”

Shalini tells a newspaper exuberantly that she doesn’t mind the hard work. She is happy as long as her family is happy. Her next goal is cracking the CET Exam.  All the best, Wonder Girl. Makes us proud once again.

This girl who is just a teen makes us realize that life is full of struggles but to overcome them is the biggest success. She makes us want to gloat about the power of a girl child. She motivates us. And we thought Wonder Girl was just a fictional character. Shalini turned fiction into reality.

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