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Wonder Woman Officiates Gay Marriages!

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  •  September 1, 2015

High-five to all the Wonder Woman fans out there! And all those who are not her fans, are lying!

The people of this era have practically grown up reading Wonder Woman comics. Now, we know that this favorite fictional character of ours has a plethora of superhuman powers, but you know what? She has the innate human qualities of valuing love and affection too, or at least, she is portrayed that way.

What makes me say so is the latest release (20th August) of the comic wherein she officiates a gay marriage. wonder-woman-1440127957

 “I… didn’t know you’re a proponent of gay marriage?” Superman stammers. “Clark, my country is all women,” she retorts. “To us, it’s not ‘gay’ marriage, it’s just marriage.”

Interesting this word ‘gay’ is… with its dual dimensions. It is an adjective used to define a happy and lively person, as well as a person with romantic interests in someone of the same gender as his.

Is that a coincidence, or is it subtly suggestive of the fact that being ‘homosexual’ and being ‘happy’ can be two overlapping situations. Well, this entire ‘gay marriage’ thing may be a big and hot topic of discussion in the current scenario, but I am happy that our fictitious idols are following and spreading love.

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