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Womenswear Designer Ruchika Sachdeva Makes India Proud, Wins International Woolmark Prize

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  •  January 11, 2018

It has been six years since Ruchika Sachdeva founded Bodice, her womenswear brand, and today she stands as the winner of the coveted International Woolmark Prize! Competing against 12 menswear and womenswear finalists from across the globe, what made Ruchika stand out was her innovative methods of addressing the problematic issue of consumer waste in fashion.

Her sustainably and holistically-designed collection was highly appreciated by the judges as it brought together weavers, used naturally-sourced colours by Bio-Dye, and had coconut shell, seashell, and wood as renewably-sourced buttons.

“From the ingredients and dyes used all the way to the application and everything in between, her collection really represents a modern woman,” said Philip Lim, a renowned womenswear designer.

Ruchika Sachdeva

Winners of the International Woolmark Prize with models. Image source

“This is a huge opportunity to expand on what I do and keep doing it, and to get the chance to work with these retailers (like Harvey Nichols, Lane Crawford, and is incredible,” shared Ruchika excitedly as she also won the prize money of AU$200,000 (approximately Rs 1 crore).

When IWB had interacted with Ruchika earlier, we were already sure that the gal had the merits, folks!

“I take everything organically. In India, we are generally fed with the idea of success through life loaded with work, limitless working hours, and I used to be one of those but with time I realized that’s not true. I work at my own pace. I believe in sustainable living,” she said.

An inspiration, she truly is. Why don’t we revisit our last chat with her to gain some insight into her innovative mind? Excerpts:

How do you wear culture in your personal wardrobe?

Culture for me is not in just clothes that I wear but also what I make. For example, our brand’s clothes are handloom wherein fabrics are sourced from India which involves a lot of crafts and techniques. Personally, I wear a lot of shirt dresses with pants. (makes for contemporary suits) I never want to be sexy, but at the same time want the feminine touch. Style for me is more of comfort.

Do you tweak classics with modern tailoring in your life?

Ya, ya. All the time. I strongly believe to look into the past for inspiration. Taking inspiration from what has already been there and to add your touch and creativity is what I absolutely love. Don’t follow the trend and slog to create something new, just for the sake of doing. The process of rethinking the history and innovating involves so much learning, too! Apart from clothes, I love eating Indian food with a bit of modern dressing

Do you have a particular vision for women artisans?

I have a very special place for women in my heart. When I joined hands with an NGO in 2012, we helped them make garments at home, with more design innovation. The motto was to give them exposure and sell their designs in the cities so that they could get the right price for their hard work. I do want to continue doing this and hopefully become a part of getting them an equal space as male artisans. I want them to have a full freedom to work.

H/T: Vogue

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