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Women’s Make-up History In Just 4 Minutes

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  •  April 17, 2015

We found this 4-something mints long video showing how women used to wear make-up during historic times. This includes make-up trends from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Elizabethan era, Japanese Geisha, pre-French revolution, Victorian era and even India’s Gupta Age.

Check out the video showing everything from unibrows, shaved eyebrows, visible veins to painted face!

However, we are not really happy with the way Indian makeup history is shown. They just put some kohl, bindi and flowers in the hair to display ancient Indian women makeup. We think it was something else; including huge buns, sticky hair and big bindis put at the top center of the forehead.

How do you remember and picture an ancient Indian woman or Maharani?

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