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Women were told this in 2014…

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  •  January 8, 2015


We were enraged when few over-smart people gave women a to-do list in 2014. With tips like theirs, we think the whole catalog must be flushed down the sewage. Seriously.

Have a look at who said what in 2014.

Women must not ask for a rise in salary – Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

The reason he gave – ‘because it’s a good karma’. How about men caring their karma, Mr. Nadella?

Don’t concern with voting, rather spend time on Tinder – Fox News pundit Kimberly Guilfoyle

We wonder, how many votes she deserves for successful blind dates via Tinder.


Women should not wear Jeans because they provoke “undesirable” behavior – Indian singer KJ Yesudas

Sir, you should stop wearing a dull mentality.

‘Beautiful’ female visitors in Thailand should not expect to be safe in bikinis – Thailand’s prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha

We will make sure to pack diving costumes next time.

You could not have two female judges on MasterChef. It would not work with cooking.  – Masterchef presenter Greg Wallace

No wonder, he is a 3 time divorcee.


Singer Louise Burns was asked to cover herself and head of her baby while breastfeeding at a hotel.

One can imagine the embarrassment hotel went after messing with a celebrity MOTHER!

In September Hackney council in London put up posters in streets saying – ‘Women should please walk along this side of the road only’.

Not to mention, they were torn by the public.

Women should not laugh in public places – Turkey’s deputy PM

Just laugh this one off. Before we end, read this quote by Former Uk Political donor Demetri Marchessini.

“There is no such thing as marital rape. Once a woman accepts, she accepts.”


Not only this, he also published a book ‘Women in Trousers’ asking for a ban on women wearing pants because this discourages love-making. Women, he said, should only be allowed to wear skirts because if they don’t men are going to stop f***ing them. He should be ASHAMED of himself.

Tell us your reactions in the comments after reading these lame quotes.

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