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Women Share Memories Of Their 1st Periods Comfortably

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  •  April 9, 2015

Dear Kates’ “First Time” video, shows interviews of more than 20 women sharing their memories of the 1st Period.

And no, these women are not at all shy while doing so. They spoke of EVERY detail starting from the color of it to how they fought with the tampon. The whole video has turned out to be funny and something every woman can relate to!

Check out what these women have to say:

“It was definitely pink, it wasn’t red like it is now, and it looked kind of stickyish. And I thought, ‘huh, how did melted candy get into my underwear?'”

“A pool of red blood.”

“I used my sock and it did the job.”

“My dad came to me and said – ‘congratulations, you are a woman now’”

The project also features a gallery where anyone can record their own #FirstTimeFIlm. Upload your experience here!

There is a feeling of discomfort when we talk about menstruation, especially in the Indian society. Artist Rupi Kaur’s incident is a recent example. It’s time we get honest with our daughters and don’t let any myth about periods grow inside them. To talk openly is the solution, not changing the TV channel when ‘whispers’ ad’ is showing.

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