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Women Earn More Than Their Male Coworkers In These 10 Fields

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  •  August 12, 2015

A recently published survey result shows that female graduated from industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering and some other fields earn higher wages than their male counterparts

Recent research revealed that recent women college graduates are earning more than male classmates who studied the same college major. 

A new piece of data analysis by the economists of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Jason A. Aibel and Richard Diets, showed that female graduates in 29 of the 73 fields of their study made more than their male mates who graduated from the same fields.

The research was conducted by using American Community Survey, an annual survey of roughly one percent of the population, on recent graduates aged between 22 and 27.

“The results of our analysis indicate that among recent college graduates, men earn about 3 percent more than women overall,” the economists said.

“Young women earn particularly high wage premiums if they majored in engineering, treatment therapy, art history, construction services, or business analytics,” the data indicated.

On the other hand, men who graduated from agriculture, animal and plant science, general social sciences, or early childhood education earn more than their women coworkers.

But the data for those in the mid-career range showed that men still vastly out-earn women.

Here are the top 10 fields where newly graduated women can earn higher wages than men:

1. Social Services

Social Services are the most favorite career for women straight out of college. These careers include substance abuse social workers, children’s social services, school social work, healthcare social workers, speech pathologists, and school counselors. Jaison R. Abel and Richard Deitz’s survey showed that female social service workers earn 16 percent more than males.

2. Treatment Therapy

The second highest income career for recently graduated women. This job field can range from physical therapy to speech therapy, all the way to psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. Women in this field earn 11 percent higher wages than men.

3. Industrial Engineering

Women see a significant wage gap in the field which requires utilizing machines, materials, energy and workers. Though it seems to be difficult for women, they earn ten percent more than male engineers.

4. Art History

The study shows that the earnings for female art historians are nine percent higher than men. Graduates in art history can become museum curators, gallery owners, art advisors, estate and art appraisers, art and antique dealers and art librarians.

5. Aerospace Engineering

Another engineering field where recent women graduates earn more than their male counterparts. Aerospace engineers design spacecrafts, aircrafts, missiles and satellites; they also test prototypes for functionality. Wage gap in the field between women and men is eight percent.

6. Construction Services

This can be a surprising result as many people think that construction service means working with bricks, cements, rods and other heavy materials. Women in this sector earn eight percent more than men with the same careers. Construction services can range from cost estimators to project managers, from contractors to plumbers.

7. Business Analytics

One of the most favorite professions for women. This career includes solving commercial problems, checking business costs and improving sales volume. Female analysts earn about 7 percent more than male business analysts.

8. Mechanical Engineering

Another career that seems to be difficult for women, but the recent graduates from this subject earn up to four percent more in wages than their male coworkers. 

9. Earth Sciences

This career can range from geology to ocean science, from seismology to mineralogy and volcanology. Women in the earth science field gain about three percent more wages than men in the same field.

10. Nutrition Sciences

Nutrition Science is a field where females earn three percent more than their male counterparts. These careers include; clinical dietician, pediatric dietician, wellness instructor, food technologist and flavor chemist.

– Yeni Şafak
This article was first published at English Yenisafak.

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