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Women Are All Claiming Ownership Of Their Own Narrative, Says Actor Freida Pinto

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  •  December 4, 2018

In the upcoming film Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, which is all set to release on 7th December on the digital platform Netflix, Freida Pinto plays the role of Messua, Mowgli’s adoptive human mother. And while the rest of the cast was given the duty of just playing their character, Pinto had other duties as well.

“For the Hindi parts, he (director Andy Serkis.) did give me a lot of freedom to improvise and do what I wanted,” she said. In order to give the film setting the required Indian look, the production had hired NRIs from Durban who played the village folk in the story. And Freida being Freida couldn’t stop from correcting their pronunciation as Hindi isn’t their first language. “Instead of saying ‘chalo chalo’ they’d keep saying ‘charo charo’,” Freida shared.

Freida felt that message of acceptance and belonging that the film contains is vital in light of the ongoing #MeToo Movement in India. “Everybody wants to feel like they are accepted, like they belong to a community, that their identity means something; they want to be identified as someone, as opposed to being left on the wayside and ignored,” she said. “I feel there is a theme that is running in the world where women are coming out and telling their story for the first time, they’re all claiming ownership of their own narrative.”

“You don’t need to do something to please somebody, you just need to be yourself and if people can just accept (you) and be open, then there can be a lot of healing that can take place, especially in our country,” she added.

H/T: Hindustan Times


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