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Women Act to Transform Jaipur

  • IWB Post
  •  July 12, 2014

Jaipur – the Pink city is famous for its heritage of art, culture and historic forts. It was developed on perfect geometrical pattern according to the Vaastu by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1727. It has grown from a tiny city into a metropolitan.

But with the challenges of enormous population growth, are we prepared to take the city leap onto the future without compromising with the heritage? High-rises are showing up in the skyline amidst the heritage buildings of the walled city and tunnels deep down the ages old Badi Chaupar and Choti Chaupar are dug for Metro tracks. The heritage of Jaipur is being overlooked, it’s beautiful Jaali work and paintings are being plastered and all this in the name of restoration!

Archana Surana, Director of Arch Academy of Design has taken steps forward in this area of concern and started its ‘CharCha’ series on the topic “Transforming Jaipur” . Everyone from a student to dignitaries from the fields of art, architecture, civil planning, interiors got together to work out on a strategy through which glory of Jaipur can be brought back.

According to Ms. Gayatri Nambiyar: “We should help common people know the importance of our heritage art. The city youth must help spread this awareness. Right now, we are taking baby steps towards its upliftment.”

Ms. Nandita Masand Devraj, too agreed and said: “Jaipur needs a lot of maintenance to preserve its heritage as in terms of architecture it has deteriorated with high-rises. It needs to be stopped in the walled city.

According to Ms. Sadhna Garg: “We need to involve all the stake holders, people, government, royalty and must remember that in the name of restoration vandalism should not be allowed. Restoration should take place but the basic essence should not be disturbed. We still have scope to preserve.”

Mr. Sudhir Kasliwal of Gem Palace addressed major problems Jaipur is facing in its fast pace development of Metros, International level tunnels and sewage treatment plants. An avid photographer and art lover, he made everyone realize the lost glory of Jaipur through the journey in times from his photographic collection.


During this discussion, all the participants decided to sign a petition with suggestions discussed in the Charcha and would forward it to the Honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mrs. Vasundhra Raje so that she can form a concrete plan to save any further damage to the heritage of this beautiful city.


In the second session the imminent Interior Designer Lipika Sud, founder of Lipika Sud Interior Pvt. Ltd, President of the Guild of Artists and Designers, was invited by Archana Surana as the chief guest. She expressed her concern over the dying art forms of India like Metal Art of Buster of Chhattisgarh region, Paper Cutting Art of Sanjhi of Mathura region, Blue Pottery and Phad Art forms of Rajasthan. She urged people to create awareness and take responsibility to bring back deep rooted rich culture of which we are proud.


Jaipur Women Blog’s journalist Ruby Khan caught few moments with Lipika Sud for a quick Q&A session. Read ahead:

Ruby: Jaipur has been an art lovers’ paradise since ages. What are the adaptations it needs to attain between modern art and classic architecture?

Lipika: Modernity is as important as classic but the roots should not be taken away, soul of the craft has to be formed to make it alluring to the next generation. Here ‘Design Intervention’ is required. We have to tell the craftsmen what is desired by the end users keeping in mind the importance of heritage, original materials used and its uniqueness. On the other hand, the craftsmen have to be connected to the market so that they are able to make their real livelihood as in today’s market real artisans are struggling for their day’s meal. China is producing Banarasi Sarees that say ‘Made in China for India’. If the craftsmen of traditional art forms survive then the design intervention can be beautifully attained.

Ruby: What do you think about the restorations being done hampering the heritage?

Lipika: It is demeaning in the name of craft. Cut and Paste methods are used in restoration process. The government should intervene in order to save the heritage of this beautiful city. Government departments which look after heritage of Jaipur should conduct workshops and training for its officers on local art forms so that they can understand it better and work accordingly. Public awareness also has to be raised to save the cultural heritage of our forefathers which we are so proud.

Ruby: What is the best aspect of Jaipur which interests you the most?

Lipika: It’s the craft and silver jewellery. I must say Jaipur is the World’s Craft Hub and India’s Craft Capital.

Ruby: Jaipur is famous for its textile designs also like Leheriya, Bandhej, Batik etc. – which one is your personal favourite?

Lipika:  Sanganeri Block printing is my favourite and also a nation’s pride.

Ruby: Women are not only excellent home makers but have an inborn knack for architecture and interiors too. What are your guidelines for the women of Jaipur to make their homes more beautiful and culturally rich?

Lipika:  I believe that every woman is inherently a designer, especially Indian women. What I want to say is do not design for your home and personal self only. Look around you for traditional dying art forms and spread them in whatever means possible either by using them in home decoration or by promoting those artisans by helping them find a commercial platform. This way you are able to save a craft form extincting through your little but sincere efforts with a bonus of beautifully decorated home too.

By Rubya Khan,

JWB Journalist

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