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Woman To Know: Aqeela Asifi, UN Refugee Award Winner, Teaching Underprivileged Girls

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  •  October 28, 2015


49-year-old Aqeela Asifi is an Afghan refugee who established a tent-school 23 years ago for girl students in her country. She was awarded with the Nansen refugee award in Geneva this month.

She says, “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I was inspired by my own teachers. I was lucky to be born in a very enlightened and liberal family. My parents were very supportive of my and my siblings’ education. When you have mothers who are educated, you will almost certainly have future generations who are educated. So if you educate girls, you educate generations. I wish for the day when people will remember Afghanistan, not for war, but for its standard of education.”

For this UN refugee awardee, education is the top priority. She once said during an interview, “Every individual has a responsibility when it comes to education because if you talk about the progress of society, that is only possible through education. The best thing would be if every educated person could try to support education. Fund a child if you can, It’s not the responsibility of one organisation, one country, one teacher. It’s the responsibility of every single person.”

We need more women like her in many other under-developed countries, especially to support girl education.

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