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WOMAN-GOLFER: Swing of the Victor

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  •  February 27, 2014

Sunita Mehra, a professional golfer from Jaipur, has played many tournaments including the latest one organized by Mercedes Benz on 22nd February, 2014. She had quite an active athletic life since her youth. To add to her sport fame, she has been a part of the National Level Athlete 100 Meters Race Competition, 1979, & grabbed the 4th rank.

Born in a Lt. Colonel’s home, the life for Mrs. Sunita Mehra was always disciplined. A graduate of English Literature, PG in Business Management from Symbiosis & a Diploma in export management, she held the very knowledge to catch hold of a good job. With a total career span of 21 years where she had been a part of few top Indian-International schools & MNCs, she decided to join a social body called ‘Animal Welfare Board of India’. Golf, her passion as she calls it, became an intriguing part of her life simultaneously. How? Read in her words: 

It all started in Oct 2007, when my husband (Mr. Pradeep Mehra) broke his wrist and was not allowed to play Badminton. I suggested him to start playing Golf. We were at the playing course the very next day. The coach taught us the basic mechanism of grip, stance, posture and swing.

unnamed (1)Assisting him roused in me the desire to play. I learnt how each shot needs complete concentration and good coordination between your body and mind, the day it lacks – a bad day indeed! We started to practice together & polish our skills. I played my first tournament in 2010 which was altogether a wonderful feeling. This year I have won the ‘Best Lady Golfer’ prize! Such an amazing moment it was for me to hold the trophy high in the air. And I am not the only woman who plays. I am lucky to find my two buddies – lady golfers who are equally enthusiasts like me. We even practice together early mornings. I see lots of budding lady golfers learning and playing this game and feel very happy and proud.

Isn’t it interesting? So we met her for a candid interview on a sunny afternoon. Here’s what we asked:

 JWB: How are women golf-players different from men golf-players?

Sunita: Major. Men play aggressively and are more practical in their approach. They stress competition spirit upon each ball. Women, on the other hand, have a very care-free approach which is undoubtedly a fresh take on this brawny game.

tn_unnamed (3)

JWB: And what is the attitude of these men towards women who play?

Sunita: Sadly, I feel they avoid and ignore women golf-players. They don’t take us seriously. This game is a very man dominated, and one proof is that we have only 12 women players all over Rajasthan. But as times are changing, so this game & related perception. Do you know we have a woman in our Golf Committee!

JWB: Incredible! Tell us how does it feel when you win against men players?

Sunita: When you take the winning trophy/award in your hands, you feel like you can do everything. I think – when you can be a winner in such a masculine game, you can reach at the top of every field.

JWB: At the end, what should be the strategies women must follow to win in life?

Sunita: Hard work is the most important. In my case, I practiced as much as I could while handling my home and family responsibilities. Don’t give up and attain a sincere approach towards your goals. A half-heart can never reach the final destination. Also I believe that apart from all this, support of your loved ones is counted as well. In my case, I was lucky to have such a supportive husband!

unnamed (2)

Also Mrs. Sunita Mehra says to look for other women Golf-players from Jaipur: Purnima Seth, Nikita Jadeja, Ritu Lohiya & Vimi Bhatia who will make you fall in love with this game all over again. And Jaipur Women Blog promises to bring these stories soon.

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