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Each woman is ‘CURSED’ once in a month

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  •  January 9, 2015


Let us talk about those 5 days each month when women encounter Aunt Flo. If in anyway the bodily pain is not enough during menstruation, women have to go through customary metal pains restricting them from day-to-day activities.

Since ages, women have been a prey of such traditions that somewhere stop their growth. We have listed few of them from round the world, have a look:


  • In many places following Islam, menstruating women are not allowed to touch Quran and observe fasts.
  • In Venezuela, menstruating women are asked to sleep in a special hut separated from the house.
  • In rural Ghana, menstruating women are not allowed to enter dwelling with a man and cook him food.
  • In remote areas of Nepal, women cannot speak to anyone during her menses.
  • In Southeast Asia, menstruating women are not allowed to use the same water facilities like other people because of the fear of contamination.
  • In Masai, Kenya – during menses women are not allowed to touch pet animals like cow and goat due to fear of contamination. Also, they are not allowed to consume animal products.

But, we think it is hardest to menstruate in India. Why? Because you are not allowed to:

enter the kitchen, touch the drinking water container, cook food, touch the pickle, enter temples, touch the religious things like idols and books, etc. In a survey, nearly 50% of the respondents from South India do not share a bed with their spouse during periods. More than one-third of urban Indian parents treat their daughters as impure during periods.


Why do we have so many limitations???? A deep-rooted taboo about menstruation makes women impure, filthy, sick and even cursed. According to ancient truths and myths, women were asked to stay away from kitchen and everything during their periods ONLY to give them complete rest. Because there is so much of blood drainage from body, leaving us half-dead with no energy and lots of pain. With time, we have given our own meaning to this ritual – calling it an omen, disease and untouchability.


And we think before thrashing society, even we, women, need to change our mindset.

  • Why do we hide sanitary pads in dark polythene when we buy them?
  • Why do we keep our pads in that corner of the home where nobody could find?
  • Why do we hide our stained but washed undergarments under other clothes while drying them in the sun?
  • Why do we giggle when our teachers tell us about the menstrual cycle in biology class?
  • Why do we speak in low voice with our mom talking about periods, so that men in the home don’t get to hear us?
  • And most importantly, why do we follow so many rituals imposed on us by the society?

Let us change few rules now, for good. It’s time we do not succumb to some really illogical regulations others put on us. Okay?

PS – we have found out this amazing Indian website Menstrupedia – where you can know all the TRUTHS about menstruation.

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