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A Woman Cartoonist’s Take On Sexist Internet Cliches

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  •  April 1, 2015


A UK based cartoonist Gemma Correll has launched a hilarious feminist comics where she shows some annoying online trolling with a funny take. For example:

She illustrates on the famous topic ‘How to drive him crazy in bed’. Of course, we love hogging on toast crumbles. *Chuckles*



Even her Twitter bio hints towards sexism, have a look.




Every one of us is guilty of checking out what our eye color says about us.



Or for that sake, which stone suits you!



Don’t you want to know what will make your man happy? *evil grin*



Let’s kill the Disney Princess myths already.



And let’s not get us started on women body type/shape. Phew!


Isn’t she really funny and inspiring? You can follow her here.

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