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With Just The Debut Episode, Chef Pooja Dhingra’s #NoSugarCoat Tops The Podcast Chart

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  •  September 12, 2018

Chef and owner of Le 15 Patisserie, Pooja Dhingra is ruling the podcast charts in the country already with the release of her debut episode from #NoSugarCoat. Dhingra shared the screenshot of the same on her social media.

This. Just. Happened! Number 1 podcast in the country todayyyyyyy ❤️✨⭐️ #ITunes @maemariyam @sharutakespictures @sfanthome @iamvijaydoiphode @naikmrinal

1,645 Likes, 32 Comments – Pooja Dhingra 🗻 (@poojadhingra) on Instagram: “This. Just. Happened! Number 1 podcast in the country todayyyyyyy ❤️✨⭐️ #ITunes @maemariyam…”

Dhingra’s podcast will see the chef interviewing successful chefs and food writers and authors about what goes on ‘behind-the-scenes’ of plush restaurants and successful F&B chains and brands.

She released the first episode of season 1 on September 1.

The macaron queen of India said she’ll call herself a Chai Macaron as she is a lover of both chai and macarons, in a delicious chat with us last year. She continued reminiscing about how and when the love for macarons grew beyond limits.

She told us, “While living in Paris I discovered my love for macarons. I still remember standing outside a pastry shop on a windy day in Paris, and biting into my first passion fruit macaron, and that’s exactly where the idea to bring the macaron back to India started.”

Read excerpts from our throwback interview:

Who is the macaron of your life?

My dog, Leo!

Every baker dreams of a bakery shop. How did your dream of your own store turn into reality?

My vision for Le15 was clear. I wanted to recreate a piece of my life in Paris. I wanted to make wonderful desserts, using the best ingredients I could find, and serve happiness in a box. I started out with an initial funding from my family, 5 years ago. Since then, I have been on my own. It’s been exhilarating!

The most hurtful moment that patriarchy created during your start-up phase?

When I was setting up my kitchen seven years back, a Government official asked me, “Aapke husband kaha hai? Off ho gaye hai kya?” He couldn’t believe that a 23-year-old girl is setting up her own business.

One woman baker’s myth you would like to burn?

People think that women have it easy in the industry. Well, the truth is that women work equally hard in the kitchen, as well as outside, and are equally deserving. 

Share one memory of baking failure.

When in pastry school, I once dropped a 20 kg cake from the third floor. There was cake everywhere – on the walls, tables, everywhere.

If you had to turn macarons into a fashion accessory, what would it be?

Earrings. They would look cute worn in the ears!

What’s your favorite part of the baking process?

Thinking of new recipes and ideas always excites me.

One thing that pre-heated your success story?

Hard work! I worked in the kitchen all day, every day trying new recipes, making mistakes, and trying again till I got the perfect result.

What advice do you wish to give to startup bakers?

No need to stress and make hasty decisions! Everything passes. Try to live in the moment. If it’s too difficult or too good, it will all pass.


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