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With Her Dream Project Soon To Be On Netflix, Mira Nair On Women Directors Juggling Home And Work

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  •  April 16, 2018

For the past 39 years, Indian-American filmmaker Mira Nair has delivered the finest jewels of cinema. Believing that it’s the manner of telling the story that changes with time, not the story itself, Nair has enthralled the audience all over the globe with films like “Salaam Bombay!”, “Mississippi Masala” and “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”.

In a conversation with Vogue, Nair talks about her upcoming dream project that is soon to be aired on Netflix.

“I’m making Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy. An eight-hour-long series for BBC and Netflix. This is radical because it’s the first time we have an Indian series on an international platform that is at the height of creativity. It’s magnificent! Andrew Davies (of Pride and Prejudice, 1995, and War And Peace, 2016, TV series fame) has written the screenplay,” she said.

On being asked her views on 2017-2018 being a significant year for women in the films, she said, “It’s an undeniable watershed. And I think it started not just with the sexual harassment avalanche but prior to that, when we called out the lack of diversity—the shocking pay gap, the lack of women behind the camera, etc. It organized us to speak out about inclusivity and inequity. I’ve actively participated in who votes at the Oscars—it was 6,500 white men. The last year I got involved for India, and we invited 12 people. It wasn’t about throwing out favors or charity—these are amazing artists who deserve their spot on the table.”

When it comes to male directors, they never encounter the question of how-do-you-juggle-work-and-home, but a woman director has much more than men on her plate with her home and hectic schedules to manage.

“When I was growing up, I wondered if all creative people like Billie Holiday or Malcolm X had crazy lives. Was it pain that fired creativity? And I come from a family that, whatever its trials, remained a family. And this was great; it gave me a buffer to deal with the world. But as women, we have to be bigger than everyone else in taking it and nourishing it,” she said.

H/T: Vogue

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