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With A Series Against Animal Poaching, Anushka Explores Her Creativity With NUKA

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  •  July 10, 2018

Starting as a singer with the band Viva, Anushka Manchanda went to become an actor and a music producer. With her new brand NUKA, she is exploring her creative side further and spreading powerful messages. 

The first project of NUKA saw her standing against the harrowing practice of animal poaching. In the photo series, she turned into a rhinoceros. Through the series, captured by Pretika Menon, Manchanda wanted to evoke people’s sensibilities to stop hunting and using animals for selfish human purposes.

The series, titled Mute to show the helplessness of animals, ended with the horned creature being de-horned, with blood oozing from her forehead.

Anushka Manchanda

🖤🐾 #poaching #stoppoaching #conservation #mute #wildlife #rhino #nuka

103 Likes, 3 Comments – NUKA (@kissnuka) on Instagram: “🖤🐾 #poaching #stoppoaching #conservation #mute #wildlife #rhino #nuka”

🖤🐾 #poaching #stoppoaching #conservation #mute #wildlife #rhino #nuka

104 Likes, 3 Comments – NUKA (@kissnuka) on Instagram: “🖤🐾 #poaching #stoppoaching #conservation #mute #wildlife #rhino #nuka”

Anushka Manchanda

The second project of the brand saw her launching a single titled ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, talking about the power of the universe. The visual story in the song explores her fascination with death, death culture, euthanasia, and the afterlife. The video finally culminates into her transforming into a tree, a nod to how energy is always transformed and never created or destroyed.

Talking about her creative exploration through NUKA, she told Homegrown, “As an artist, I feel setting boundaries or limitations to yourself is so stupid now. This is where I can really do whatever I want and however I want it,” she said as she added that she has always been her own boss.

Being bold, trying her own things, and being her own boss is not only limited to Anushka’s personal projects. She has also become more conscious of the kind of Bollywood music projects she takes up. Fully aware that she might lose money and work, she’s dead against taking up any songs which might even remotely be derogatory or in poor taste. “I’m vocal about so many things and the one thing I’m not is a hypocrite”, Anushka stands her ground.

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