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With 100K Subscribers On YouTube, This Primary School Teacher Believes That Teaching Should Be Fun

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  •  September 5, 2019

Mindlessly combing through textbooks and rattafication – that’s what our education system is more or less based on. But one primary school teacher, M Manga Rani, in Sri Naga Raja Special Municipal High School in Andhra Pradesh, decided to ditch the norm and tapped into the fact that one learns and understand anything better if it is a visual representation.

With the help of visual media and YouTube, she teaches not only her students but also over 44,000 people, as she uploads her content on her YouTube channel for her subscribers. While initially, when she started in 2012, her aim was to simplify teaching, six years ago it evolved into a YouTube channel named Mangarani Lessons.

“Teaching has to be fun, and using videos in a creative and engrossing manner not only helps children grasp things quickly but also makes them want to learn more. Most of the videos I’ve created comprise rhymes, which allow them to sing along while there are others where concepts like subtraction in Mathematics or opposites in English are explained in an engaging manner,” Manga Rani said.

She shoots her videos on her smartphone, edits them using online editing software after she returns from school. In fact, many teachers across the country use her videos in their classes to teach their students.

“All the videos have been designed as per the school curriculum and I sometimes also use audio material provided by the government. I’ve personally seen a transformation in the kids because of these videos, and that led me to think, why not share it with the world too? The response on YouTube has been incredibly endearing, and I feel happy,” she added.

H/T: The Better India 

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