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Why your little son should see you naked…

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  •  September 20, 2014

The bulging tummy. The ugly stretch marks. The sagging breasts. These words, in particular, describe most of the mothers. No, she cannot fix all that and look ‘perfect’ unless she chose to go for some very expensive surgeries. And not every middle class woman can afford to maintain herself by going to a gym, etc.

Unfortunately, most men find women with no scars or fat, beautiful. What they fail to acknowledge is the reality. One day every woman will look less attractive. But hey, this mentality can be changed!

The mom’s body is the 1st feminine thing that a child can touch, know, understand and learn to respect.

A mother can expose her small boys to different female body parts, how the changes occur in a woman’s body after bearing the child and more about the scars and flab. So while the male kids are still young, a mother can plant the seed inside them.

The mother can start with her own body. While changing clothes infront of your toddler, don’t go to another room and change. Rather, wear the saree right infront of his eyes. Or, don’t cover yourself while nursing babies. Let him see the asymmetric tummy you have got after giving birth to him and how heavy your breasts now look. Well, these are just my tips that you may disagree with.

Acts like this will show the boys what a real female body looks like (atleast after few years!). You don’t want your son to find a perfectly shaped female body (read photoshopped) on Google or in a magazine and think ‘Dude, this is beautiful’. Do you?

Here, we get an inconspicuous benefit too. Why we encounter desperate men with tongues wagging out and too-much sex in their mind, is probably because they have never been exposed enough to a female body before.

Here is a quick interview with few of my Jaipur friends who are also mothers:

Mrs. Neelam Jugran, mother of a teenage boy, says – “Also, half baked knowledge is dangerous. For me, talking about female form, menses, birds & bees is not a taboo. I discuss things like this openly with my son and hence it is no more awkward for him. Today when he is 13, I feel he has become more sensitive towards women. When boys become inquisitive and ask questions, best is not to avoid but explain.”

Mrs. Nandita Mittal, mother of 2 years old boy, says – “I somewhere believe that talking does the trick more effectively rather than showing. Though I don’t do the skin-show infront of him, but I am making Krishiiv learn few things through dialogue that are appropriate for his age. Also I believe that woman should try to maintain herself seeing how the world has molded its definition of ‘beauty’. Not everyone can bear the sight of stretch marks. They are not considered attractive. Agree?”

So women, let’s break the myth of 36-24-36 since his childhood. Tell your tot how strong a female body is and stretch marks, wounds, gloomy marks, extra-extra fat is the reward you have got for having him in your life. In this way, they will not be ashamed of walking along a woman with such features.

Though I am not a mom yet, I understand there are few ways mothers can contribute in the way men think. Of course, men look out for flat belly, shaped butts and breasts; but deep down your veiled lesson will remain in their hearts.

By Lavanya Bahuguna,

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