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Why This Woman With Vitiligo Got ‘It’s called Vitiligo’ Written On Her Body?

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  •  September 1, 2015


24-year-old Tiffany Posteraro from Brooklyn has vitiligo, a skin condition that causes white patches on skin. This medical condition is caused because of low melanin.

grid-cell-11387-1440414588-5Tiffany was fed up with the constant stares and questions people used to throw at her. She said,When people stared and made nasty comments, I had no comeback because I didn’t understand my condition. People would say, ‘Did you tan under a tree?’ I got called ‘cow’, ‘Dalmatian’, ‘ghost face’, ‘burns victim’. A few boys in my class told me, ‘I can’t date you because of this.’ It was horrible.” I was sick of the stares.”

Tiffany expressed how she used to cover her legs and arms most of the time, even in the scorching heat, and would avoid pool parties because it meant wearing a bikini.

Fed up from the cruel comments and stares, she’s got a tattoo in bold letter that says – ‘It’s called Vitiligo.’


Tiffany said, “Now people are like, ‘I love your tattoo.’ They ask questions about the condition and go away enlightened. They know I didn’t get burnt in a fire. They know there’s a term for what I have. It’s very liberating.”

She also believes that this condition has made her a better person, “I believe I am a better person and a more empathetic person for having vitiligo. I don’t look at someone and focus on their flaws. Flaws to one person are beautiful to another.”enhanced-18766-1440411763-5

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