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Why Saying ‘It’s My Choice’ Doesn’t Necessarily Make Your Choice Feminist

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  •  August 3, 2015

“It’s my choice, so it’s feminist!”

This is a common refrain. But is every choice we make inherently feminist – or are we influenced by misogyny?

Check out this comic with a smart perspective on this tough question. Does it make you think differently about any of your choices?

And if you choose to wear make-up, that’s great too. Let’s work to make sure that people aren’t pressured or shamed into wearing or not wearing make-up!choice-feminism-1-final choice-feminism-2-final choice-feminism-3-final choice-feminism-4-final

Thanks to Everyday Feminism for saying things smartly & publishing this article first on the internet, and to Ronnie Ritchie for the intelligent and stunning graphics.

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