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Each one of us needs a role model or at least some schooling before we start up new venture/job. The Global Mentoring Walk (taking place on March 8, 2015) is one such initiative to promote strong mentorship to those passionate women who dream to make it big.

But learning is a two-way process. Generally, we pay big fortune to get into courses where Speakers share their mentoring skills, and later we end up absorbing a thing or two. But this mentoring (walk) is just not this. Here, the mentor will walk alongside a mentee, would listen to mentee’s questions and then later the two will discuss the major outlooks related to the issue.

After all, knowledge is doubled when shared. Hence, pay forward is away to give back.


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    I know view leadership as having a vision, sharing it with others, acknowledging the opportunities and challenges, and engaging others to make the vision a reality. Leaders who lead from this perspective are those I’m most interested in learning from; the mentor I seek and hope to be. I’m committed to going beyond my limits not only because my limits become my organization’s limits, but because others see it. And whether I succeed or fail, there is a lesson to be learned along the way.


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