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Why Do We Whisper While Buying Whisper?

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  •  June 20, 2015

What memories do you have of your 1st period? A YouTube channel ‘Old Delhi Films’ recently uploaded a video featuring Indian girls talking about their first period.

One of them remembers: “I thought it was a lifelong disease.”

Another girl Sahiba remarks: “My maid told my mom ‘Sahiba badi ho gai’.

Of course, life of every ‘Indian’ girl changes once she gets her menstrual cycle started. One of these girls says: “I wasn’t allowed to go near pickles.”

This video is urging our Indian society to be open about MENSTRUAION. We still whisper when we buy Whisper sanitary pads. We need to stop doing this. After all, it’s a natural process.

Watch the video and share it if you agree with the thought:

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