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Why Australian Politician Andrew Leigh Has Put His Cranky Son On Christmas Card

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  •  December 5, 2015


While getting his family Christmas card, this Australian politician has given all the parents around the globe a sigh of relief, and a lesson.

When Andrew Leigh, a member of the Australian House of Representatives, along with his wife and their three children tried to get some good X-mas card pictures, their youngest child got cranky.

While the parents tried to ease his mood, he decided to cut himself through the pictures and rather sit grumpily on the other side. Lol.


Andrew told media, “We did a photo shoot with the whole family for about 20 minutes. Our three-year-old (Zachary) enjoyed it initially but then found it rather frustrating that we were all standing still and looking at the cameraman. From his perspective, you can understand it: Why stand still when you can play?”

The message for parents – it is okay to let your child sulk sometimes because moments later you’ll realize how much they crave for your attention. Just like Andrew said, “What you don’t see in the picture was that there’s a pond behind us, and Zachary’s next trick was to walk towards it. That got us moving!”

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