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Why Amanda Palmer Turned Into A Naked Statue?

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  •  August 26, 2015


Amanda Palmer is 8-months pregnant. A renowned TED speaker, Amanda has tried to make a positive impact on her fans through this campaign.

She got herself painted to recreate the famous Damien Hirst’s Verity statue in a performance art piece for the New York Public Library’s children’s book drive.

Performing as a living statue, Amanda asked thousands of passersbies for their dollars to support her in the making of an album. Her motive was to tell people how lack of dialogues can actually paralyze a relationship. Through this, she tried to explore the emotional, philosophical, and practical aspects of THE ART OF ASKING – which is also the name of her book!

The book ‘THE ART OF ASKING’ will inspire readers to rethink upon their own ideas of asking, giving, art, and love in relationships.

Intrigued? We are!

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