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Whom will you marry – Laxmi or Saraswati?

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  •  October 8, 2014

Lakshmi and Saraswati are two beautiful girls who are about to tie the knot. One will bring enormous wealth and prosperity to you and your family, while the other will gift you the never ending flow of knowledge and consciousness. So, who will you marry? Lakshmi or Saraswati?

Throughout this festive season of Diwali, we worship Lakshmi and Saraswati. Lakshmi is known as the goddess of wealth, love and prosperity while Saraswati is associated with knowledge, wisdom, music and art. Isn’t it rather astonishing that in a country such as ours, where the word feminism has few takers and gender equality is only found on paper rather than practice, two female deities are identified with both wealth and knowledge?  This is a proof that it is not the scriptures but the people who are to be blamed for having fueled the gender inequalities to its current sorry state.


It would be fairly appropriate to say that discrimination between boys and girls happens mostly because people are obsessed with the ‘Lakshmi’ which is printed in the mint and issued from the Reserve Bank of India. Receiving huge sums of money or other valuables as unofficial dowry at the time of wedding of a son is a fact which is hardly concealed. Dowry is prohibited in India as per law but is still widely practiced in a hush hush way. It is a common thing when at the time of wedding, the family members of the groom quip in that ‘we don’t have any demands but it is yours to decide that what you will give your daughter and her new family’. This infamous one liner is usually followed by the subtle handover of a list having all the different items that they are hoping to acquire on the grand occasion of the wedding of their beloved son. The intellect, qualities, knowledge and everything in a girl that represents goddess Saraswati to an extent is completely ignored at the wake of the belief that she is a liability.


As for fathers, we want to say one thing. You as a parent want to secure your daughter’s future by buying lands to pay for her wedding and giving hefty dowry to her in-laws. You think by investing in ‘Lakshmi’, you are doing a better job. On the contrary, if the father gives importance to the ‘Saraswati’ and encourages his daughter for a better education, it will shape her life. I am not saying financial independence is not crucial, it is. But don’t you think a strong educational background can easily bring her financial independence if she is married or not? I humbly request each father reading this that he must invest in his daughter’s education to let her explore the Saraswati in her nature that will let out new Laxmi, more empowered.

By Deep Mukherjee,

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