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WHOA, See Who Comes First When You Search ‘CEO’ In Google Images!

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  •  April 18, 2015


Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. We just Google searched the word ‘CEO’ in images and we could only see men posing as CEOs!

Only after you scroll down to the 12th row, can you see a female – and that too is a Barbie CEO Doll! Luckily in the 13th row, Debbie Cavalier, Vice President Online Learning & Continuing Education/CEO Berklee Online, is showing up!

Is this ‘online female representation’ reflecting towards the reality? Is this how we actually perceive women in corporate houses and other industries?

UW assistant professor of human-centered design and engineering says – “You need to know whether gender stereotyping in search image results actually shifts people’s perceptions before you can say whether this is a problem.”

In a recent study, the percentages of women appearing in the Google image search in 2013 was compared with 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics that tells how many women actually worked in the searched fields. It was found – Google showed only 11% of women CEOs but in reality, there were 27% women CEOs in the US.

We guess, it is the perception of the society at large that doubt women-capabilities. Taking Indian board rooms into consideration, the result isn’t good either. Need to end Glass-Ceiling is utmost at the moment.

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