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While On Our Ride With Dog-Passengers, Read How Stray Moti Hitchhiked Our E-Rickshaw

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  •  April 19, 2017


The old areas of the Pink City are a bit confusing, and you would understand this if you were either my generation or a visitor.

Now, I met Moti, the Don Dog at the Golcha cinema about six months ago, during the first phase of the campaign Dog’s Guide, as initiated by Help in Suffering. He showed me a different Jaipur from his perspective.

“I live near the Golcha cinema. I am homeless. It was early morning when some humans from Indian Women Blog came with some biscuits. They wanted me to give them a tour around the city. I wagged my tail, and in exchange of every biscuit, I gave them a new piece of information.

At night, when there are only dogs, we try to scare humans in cars away. Woofehhehewoof.

Mornings are weird. I see people immersed in their mobile phones. Some cars and scooters unknowingly almost run me over, but you’re pretty much safe if you’re a human.

 I grew up hearing movies. Since I’m not allowed inside the theater when people come out of the cinema, they discuss movies they watch, and that’s all the entertainment for me.

And that’s why I know if I don’t have a human yet, “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.”

When we took the Indian Pariahs, or as we call them, stray dogs, for a Heritage Ride yesterday, we found Moti again. The loving dog has unfortunately not found a home yet. I wanted to know his story, and so, in exchange of every treat, he told me how he felt.

Here’s what he had to say.

I meet new people every day! But, today was different. It was early morning, and I was digging food out from trash cans when I saw a strange sight. A bunch of humans stood together with dogs. And these dogs were literally my people. No, they weren’t the furry, foreign dogs. They were my desi friends. Where were they going? It made me curious.

A couple of the unfamiliar faces came forward to pet me. What’s that? Sniff, sniff, sniff. They smelled like about a hundred dogs. Were they all going to the dog land where humans didn’t throw stones at us?

I got really excited. The humans nudged me to join them. But… that wouldn’t be my territory, what if the other dogs tried to kill me? Could I trust these humans? I was initially reluctant, but when they offered me treats from Mad About Dogs & not regular biscuits, I thought it would do me no harm. And, besides, if they threw me in another territory, I knew that I had seen too many action films to lose.img_5

The humans wrapped a string around my neck and helped me sit on the rickshaw. As they continued to talk in the human language, I just looked around while they petted me. The floor under me was vibrating as the rickshaw began to move. It was moving so fast, like, shoo. So much fun.

As our trail of rickshaws would cross the don dogs of other streets, they would bark, but we were so much faster than them! I felt like a superhero. I saw the birds flying, winds brushing against my face, and people honking horns. The last one wasn’t a pleasant sight at all, and it was also bothering my ears.

The humans that were sitting with me were talking amongst themselves. Why were they not enjoying the view? What was more important? Too bad I couldn’t

+understand the human language.

Th en, I suddenly saw a bird, and finding the humans busy in their own worlds, I positioned myself to jump. The humans, unfortunately, saw me and stopped me. Ugh, but why?!img_23

They thought I was bored, and so, they drove me back home. When I tell this story to my friends, they will never believe me that the world is so big! Will they understand when I tell them that human beings took me on a heritage ride? I guess not. Some things are just better left unsaid.

Moti rolled his eyes in pride and went back to dig for more in the trash, in a hope that one day, he’ll find a home, because for him, “Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost.

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