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While Flair Bartender Ami Shroff Is Busy Making Cocktails, Read Why Her Mother Is All Up For Chakna

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  •  October 11, 2017


India’s leading Bartender, Ami Shroff, was in Jaipur to show them what really lies behind that bar.

Ami visited the Pink City with her mother, Mrs. Rekha B. Shroff, who we caught up with while Ami was busy setting up everything for the bartending workshop.

You’ve watched her grow from a little girl to one helluva Flair Bartender.

Though I’m used to what she does, even today, when I watch her do the tricks, it leaves me awestruck. My daughter is really talented.

She had a friend in college, who taught her the art. The funny thing is that when she started bartending, we had no idea about it! My husband’s friend told us that ‘Ami is doing this and that;’ initially we were surprised but loved that our daughter had taken up an unconventional career.6

Yes, we did have a fear that she’s a girl in the world of bartending, which is highly dominated by men. But, there are many bouncers over there, so we’re not that worried anymore. The prime focus for us has been her safety.

What do you love about your daughter being a Bartender?

I love that sometimes I also get a few drinks ‘on the house’! (Laughs) Sometimes I tag along with her to wherever she’s going. Like this time, when she had her workshop in Jaipur, I joined her, and then we also took a trip to Ranthambore.

How was your experience of Ranthambore?

It was great. At first, when we went on the Tiger Safari, unfortunately, we didn’t get to see one, however, in the evening when we visited the fort, we were lucky to spot a tiger crossing from the front of our jeep. Oh, it was truly a paisa vasool trip!

What’s your favorite drink that Ami makes for you?

I normally drink White Rum, so she makes something with Bacardi or White Rum. She has given it a name, but I honestly don’t remember. Because, once you’re drunk, you don’t even realize what you’re drinking. (Laughs)9

Hey, not only that, whenever my friends come over, they love it when Ami makes them a drink or two.

Of course, guests must love visiting your place!

When my nieces and nephews come over, they always say that if we’re partying at your place, drinks are a must.  

Did you ever teach Ami how to make a drink in your style?

No, she’s always there. However, I tend to make the chakna. I make Prawns or fried fish, or maybe Prawns pakoras. See, there’s a simple rule. I don’t interfere in her drinks, and she doesn’t interfere in my chakna.

Do you ever worry while she’s juggling fire?

Every now and then, she juggles with a lot of things, I’m mostly used to it. I especially enjoy when she’s juggling with fire. Of course, you’ve to be very careful while playing with fire, but she really practices very hard. Though, accidents are prone to happen.

How do you talk about your daughter when you meet your friends?

I’m very proud, but I never tell her on her face. Haha. Sometimes, I do say it, though.  

Well, not only is she proud, but she’s also extremely loving, just like every mother. It was towards the end of the event that when our team was talking to Ami, her mother came to stuff a slice of pizza in her mouth. She was right, chakna is her department.

This article was first published on February 25, 2017.

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