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When your Daddy is your Fitness Hero: Like Anuj for little Amaira!

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  •  June 21, 2015


From drama in which dad used to change diapers to this adventure story where daughter is teaching daddy yoga asanas – they have covered an adorable journey together. We’ve spent a day with this pretty duo to discover a fit and fun routine of the daddy dear Anuj Jain and his lovely 4 year-old girl Amaira.


I’ve first met this amazing father daughter team in my gym. When both of them entered wearing matching shoes, everybody went just wow about them. Little daughter and father were looking so adorable together that I just could not help asking them to be in my fitness story for the father’s day. Moreover, both of them are yoga experts. Hello, the World Yoga Day!


So here we are. The cute chatterbox, Amaira excitedly changes into her tracksuit and opens her yoga mat to teach JWB team a few fun work-outs.


She takes the lead in showing us different moves of their fitness routine: ‘planking’ and ‘push-ups,’ while her dad is copying her moves.


Amaira releases her hands and plops to the ground, lifting her head, arms and feet up in a move.


‘Woah, this is hard,’ says the father as he squirms and planks in unison with his daughter.


The little girl lifts her upper body with her hands, doing what looks like a Yoga Cobra move, and her father exhales deeply with feigned exertion.


Little Amaira does eight ‘push-ups’ in total sitting on the back of her daddy, until she and her dad collapse exhausted.


They both deserve a break, don’t they?

Anuj calls her a fitness pro. He says: ‘Every day in the morning she gets up and asks me if she can come along with me to the gym’.


After finishing their workout both of them roll their yoga mats and go to change in their casual clothes.

Moving further with their day, Amaira shows us how to make a perfect coffee. She makes it daily for her super dad.


As a reward Amaira demands Anuj to help her with Lego. Dad and daughter make their dream home together.


I love how Anuj encourages her to experiment with ideas… green ideas. Next they plant flowers in the Lego garden. Watching them makes me grin from ear to ear.

We dare you not to smile on watching this adorable father and daughter.


A thought strikes me watching this cute daddy: someone should give him the ‘Dad of the Year’ award! No, I’m serious!


The tot is not done yet. She has more surprises for us in the store. Amaira asks us to accompany her to the garden where she has a funky set for construction of a real castle.


Little Amaira looks overjoyed on construction site in the company of her dad. Anuj behaves like a real buddy that entertains Amaira a lot.

To all fathers reading this, this father’s day make a vow to spend at least one day of the week with your daughter in the same way, loving way.

Photo Courtesy: Nupur Agarwal

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