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When Our JWB Office Transformed Into A Beauty Salon

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  •  November 3, 2015


For us Diwali is not only about boring home cleaning, decorating the house with lights, gobbling up sweets and devouring basically everything offered by guests… No not even about starting a petition against fire crackers. We like to experiment during Diwali with everything possible!

This weekend we decided to experiment with hairstyles we could try for Diwali! I took the steering wheel and like a drunkard treaded down the curly lane, where accidents that were worth “reporting” about occurred.

Early morning of October 31st (Saturday), I quickly reminded everyone through our “work” WhatsApp group to bring bobby pins and hair accessories to work.


Needless to say, when we began, we had a total of 10 bobby pins with us. Don’t worry guys, it wasn’t the only blunder that day! Behold! It was time for the JWB weekends!

Priya, being most excited, wanted to jump in to get a “festive” hairdo on her. She had no idea what she was walking in to!


She seated herself on the throne and I laid my monstrous hands on her. Little did I know, that her kaali naagin ke jaisi zulfein teri kaali kaali were so dense, that my monstrous hands lost their way into the Harry Potter’s forbidden forest!


Priya insists that she should get a bravery award for going through the torture!

Yeah, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but I made the hairstyle experience dreadful for her.


Me, “So should I pull her hair, or chop them off?”

Oh Priya, Oh priya priya, tumsa nahin koi priya…

Along came Priyanka in her signature Chulbul Pandey fashion. I can shamelessly admit that I’m a little scared of her. I guess I was just beginning to warm up, so the hairstyles were getting better with every passing human being.


I took four strands of Priyanka’s hair, and twisted them towards the back to give her a somewhat festive look. Did it work for you Priyanka? *Scared*

Meanwhile, Priya laid her hands on Lavanya!


Our Queen bee was next. I mean our Lady Boss, Ana. She pulled the rubber band off her hair so that I could try the famous “Greek” hairdo on her! Needless to say, she looked the prettiest of them all!




Here’s how I accomplished it: Grab two strands of hair from the front, after parting your hair the way you usually do. Start twisting them away from the face, adding an extra strand to the hair, every time you twist the strands.14

Continue till you reach the back of your hair. Secure it properly with two bobby pins. And Tada!

Phew! Good thing, isn’t it? Our Queen bee would’ve spewed me out of the beehive!

After much resistance and reluctance, we convinced Shivani to participate, too. “I don’t want to do it, I have a lot of work”, she’d say. So we started the chorus ‘Juice ki dukaan pe, tu peeti hai paani, aye Shivani, aye Shivani!’ for a little torture.


While she was cribbing about it, a surprise gift from her fiancé came to her rescue! Totally an ‘Aww’ moment for each one of us!


Another blunder after Priya… oops

“Lavannyaaaa” I said in my spooky tone, gritting my teeth and twirling my monstrous fingers. As the last comrade, she looked at me and said, “Okay fine, let’s get done with this.


She settled herself on the throne and I thought of the apt hairstyle for her. I began braiding three strands of her hair away from her face, adding a strand from only the hem of her hair, each time.

I repeated the same on the other side of her hair and tied them together with a rubber band. Then I used a thin strand of hair to cover the elastic band. And secured it with a bobby pin…

24We finally managed to get Lavanya out of her monotonous hairstyle!

I could feel a mixture of joy and shock on my face that I managed to pull off a beautiful hairstyle.

23Hell yeah! Nailed it!


And that’s how we ended our weekend with a BANG!

PS – Bonus picture featuring Priya’s torture.


Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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