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What Nandini Mantri Did With Boring Flowers Is Beyond Imagination

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  •  April 20, 2015

When one of our team members told us how she had surprises a friend on birthday, we immediately decided to put it on blog. Why? It will help those who Google ‘Surprise birthday plans for BFF’. *Thank us later*

Nandini Mantri, Social Media Manager, did think of the cliché flowers – but what she did with those flowers is beyond one’s imagination.

IMG-20150416-WA0001 - Copy“I kept only one thing in mind, to not limit the surprise to indoor. Home, restaurant or booking a movie hall wasn’t in my list”, remarks Nandini.

An idea came ‘floating’ to her (literally) when she decided to give surprise-gifts a whole new meaning. See!IMG-20150416-WA0000 - Copy


She hid the cake, a flower bouquet and gifts from other friends inside the boat. Can you spot the gifts?IMG-20150416-WA0007 (1) - Copy

Nandini says: “It took me a lot of efforts. From spotting a boat to pleading the fisherman; I did it all. Moreover seeing my sincere efforts, the fisherman didn’t charge me anything. Yay!”

Keep calm, we’re coming to the part telling about how this friend reacted seeing the beautiful boat.

Nandini recalls: “Wide eyes. Big open mouth. Stoned body. All this happened before the many words of praise came out.”

We would have celebrated our birthday every day had we got a friend like her. Psst!

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