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Priya Motiani

IWB Blogger

What It’s Like To Be A Woman On The ‘Ugly’ Internet

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  •  December 21, 2015


The Internet sure is a boon for mankind. I know most of you will agree with me on that. But, you know what? The internet can more often than not backfire, by being a really bitchy place, and that too for women, particularly.

Don’t agree with me on that? Watch the video ‘Don’t Read The Comments’ by comedy duo Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn, posted recently on their Youtube channel – Just Between Us.

The ladies share some snippets of the feedback they receive from their viewers, and apparently, these are not pleasant. From judgemental remarks about Allison’s and Gaby’s bodies, to peculiarly intrusive commentary on their voice and characters, the viewers write all sorts of disparaging crap.

“Putting yourself out there on the Internet comes with the caveat that anyone at any time can say whatever they want. Week after week I have to click an ‘approve’ button so one guy can ask, ‘Is Gaby, a prostitute?’ I don’t delete the comment because I don’t think it’s fair to make it appear that we have open comments while we are secretly censoring them,” said Allison while also mentioning that this video of theirs is a deliberate attempt to bring to surface the not so pretty side of Internet. She also goes so far as to call the video a behavioral therapy.

“I thought this was the best way to hit back at the people who leave mean comments thinking Allison, and I aren’t real people. We see what you write, you turds. But also, sometimes people comment looking for the attention. They’ll say something awful and then when I reply they go, ‘I’m such a huge fan. I can’t believe you replied.’ So we thought we’d get ’em through comedy,” Allison added

Well, that sure is a clever way of getting back at such people! A redefined version of ‘Kill with kindness’, eh?

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