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What Is The Fun Trying To Look Young In A Non-Organic Way: Rani Mukerji

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  •  April 14, 2018

Marriage, motherhood, ageing, none of these things which are assumed to put a full stop to an actress’ career have been able to stop Rani Mukerji from shining. The actor who recently turned 40 feels ageing is one of the most natural and beautiful phases of life. 

“For me, age is beautiful. When you are ageing, you are growing up with so many experiences, so many memories, said the actress in a recent interview with Indian Express. In a world where actors struggle to keep up with industry’s demand of looking young forever, Rani successfully keeps herself away from succumbing to the pressure. She questioned, What is the fun trying to look young in a non-organic way when you have already seen your youth?

She added, You have to enjoy each age in your life. I have become who I am today because I have come to this age. There’s a lot of beauty in ageing gracefully. I don’t think your aim has to be to look younger.

Coming back from a hiatus, Rani did have initial fears when she returned on movie sets withHichki. In fact, the break instilled a lot of fear in her. She shared how she had fears of leaving her daughter behind, feared if she remembered how to act, feared if she would go blank on the sets. But when she shot her first scene, it all came back in one second. Rani explained, “My journey into motherhood and coming back to work was amazing because as a professional you don’t realize how much you miss your work till you take a break and come back to it.”

Rani credits her Hichki film unit for making it a hassle-free process for her and believes if every organisation in the world lends a little support to working mothers, women will feel more confident. She shared, I used to be there (on sets of Hichki) by 6 in the morning and they would wrap up by 12.30 so I was back with my baby by lunchtime. That really worked for me. In every profession, if people can be a little more accommodating for working mothers, more and more women can pursue their careers and have a family life.”

When she was asked to give her take on feminism, she stated, If you have a husband who respects the woman you are, the individual you are. A lot of times we might talk about feminism and certain things like equality but what is really happening in your day-to-day life is (what is) really important. Changing the world is the next step. Are you feeling the respect every day in your life? If you are able to achieve that, I think it’s great.”

H/T: Indian Express

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