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Himanshu Roy

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What If Mr. James Bond Meets His Feminist Match?

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  •  November 5, 2015


For the ever invincible James Bond, there is however one mission that is bound to go wrong. You must be thinking that after the feats of hanging from a helicopter or saving the queen of England, what could be difficult for the 007 agent?

Well, hitting on a feminist bond girl. Yup, a girl who doesn’t get swept off her feet right after meeting the spy and who, unlike the bond girls shown on a screen actually has an independent thinking.

Recently a video posted on the You Tube has beaten Mr. Bond’s famed masculinity when all his charms fell useless in front of a feminist bond girl.

“Clearly you have got issues”

Yes that is what a feminist bond girl will say about the usual antiques of Bond, who apart from being a womanizer is also a misogynist, as described by Daniel Craig himself. When the man who plays James Bond says that my character doesn’t really respect women, you know that it’s a lost battle.

And the video goes on to show this in an extremely hilarious way. After being given an earful by the feminist bond girl about his chauvinist ideas of wooing a woman, Bond seems to be ‘offended.’

“I chose you and this is how you repay me? I chose you to be my girl,” says Bond. “The girl for the remainder of the mission or until you died tragically and I’m haunted by your death until I find the comfort of another woman.”

Ah yes Mr. Bond, it is about time you treat women in your movies as real people with emotions and not as pretty ladies, who you think are always ready to jump into your bed. Someone whom you will forget even before the next film releases! Argh!

Hmm…perhaps this is because of the fact that the characters of the Bond girls are written by a man. Perhaps.

But here’s another idea. How about a female Bond? It is surely an intriguing idea to see a woman playing the role of the 007 agent, equipped with a license to kill.

Imagine the trade mark Bond music, she walks in poses with a gun and says Bond, Janine Bond! Just an errant thought though. And what if in this film, men are portrayed as mere objects much like the bond girls?

Well, we bet that it surely won’t go down well with the over sized egos of countless Bond fans!

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