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Himanshu Roy

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What Happens Next When A Girl Asks For A Condom? It is Pity!

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  •  November 30, 2015


“She is a prostitute.”  “The way she was asking, she has no shame.”

These are the questions that a woman has to face when she asks for female condoms in New Delhi.

Now, now, there’s no need to raise your eyebrows because at a country where sanitary napkins are wrapped in paper by the med store guy, what else could be the reaction to a girl who wants to purchase female condoms.

What was a simple prank on part of You Tubers Prankbaaz, soon exposed the grim reality and hypocrisy of our country.

The reactions ranged from being scandalized, calling her prostitute and a question that why she doesn’t have any shame?

Seriously, is it really the way we hope to counter HIV, by foul mouthing the character of a woman behind her back just because she has asked for contraceptives?

But wait, the real perk of being Indian comes a little later in the video.

A policeman, with a UP police badge visible over his uniform, walks inside the shop and laughs at the girl who asked for the condom.

As you watch the video, you actually are left in a dilemma that which is more disgusting: our ‘knight in the shining armour’ brazenly laughing inside the shop or the moron giving his precious opinion that “these girls are like that only, they have no shame.”

It is long after in the video that we finally hear a sane voice of a man who says “It’s better that way. At least she will be safe from HIV.”

Well, there you go gentlemen. So what did it take so long to find one progressive voice among the sea of Delhites? And if a person working in a medical show is so blissfully ignorant and shallow, then surely what can we expect from the roadside romeos reveling in their glory that they have actually seen a woman asking for a condom?

It goes without a guess that it made your day, losers!

Kudos to the team of Prankbaaz to expose that how rigid a world we are still living in at.

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