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What Daughter Malvika Has Shopped For Daddy Chetan?

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  •  June 21, 2015

We love shopping and more so when we accompany someone. Also, we enjoy celebrating every occasion. Since today is Father’s Day, we took this munchkin to shopping for her dear Daddy, Chetan Nowlakha.

The daddy still doesn’t know about this and this blog is exactly meant to inform him. Malvika is a 16 yr old, and though she is the eldest of the 2 siblings, she calls herself the most pampered child of her dad.

“When we two go for shopping, I make sure to empty his wallet and he does it without any complaining”, said Malvika. And you thought this innocent face is for real?


However this time the daughter is ready to spend her pocket money to surprise daddy! She did her homework and knew which stores she wants to visit. We first headed to the Body Shop. Malvika took her time (1 hour, ahem!) to inquire about every product meant for men. Thankfully the humble staff didn’t give up too. When this ‘sweet sixteen’ finally started to carry few things in her shopping bag, we all sighed. Lol.


Her talks in particular won our hearts.

“Is this cream good for this season when it’s hot as well as moist?”

“Umm…facewash? No, I want him to use scrubs rather.”


“I want a teaser of this crème. Show me the tester!”

“Oh this mist. Even I can use it. Pack it!”

“Mmmmm….the smell reminds me of Haigh chocolates.”

“What the price again? I don’t earn, you see.”


Isn’t she cute? Anyhoo, the most interesting was when she was paying the bill.


Malvika: “I have got Body Shop’s membership card.”

Salesman: “You will get 10% off, mam.”

Malvika: “And I see you have Father’s Day offers too.”

Salesman: “Yes we will adjust that in the bill.”

Malvika: “And also, I have got these coupons from the last shopping. So I want to redeem them as well.”

Salesman: “The coupons can’t be redeemed with this shopping but in next. You are getting more coupons this time as well.”

Malvika: “Excellent.”

She then told us: “Papa and I call each other ‘Looser’ jokingly. I will show him all many coupons and tell him who the winner is!”


She continued: “But it comes to mom, papa and I form one team against her, and we always win.”


We next moved to her another destination, Clothes Rack. On the way she tells us more about her relationship with her daddy:

“He is an established DJ in the eyes of the people, but for me he is that simple man at home who cracks silly jokes all the time. So when Maggi was banned I asked him to get me another noodles called ‘Wai-Wai’ from the market. He said he would rather get me Zed-zed. Can you imagine?”

However, we found it funny and are still giggling.


She continued: “His birthdays are increasing, but he is getting younger. His heart is of my age and that’s why, I think, we are so close to one another.”


“I want to tell him one thing – Don’t take our fights seriously, Papa. Don’t get upset. I love you and I love playing Scrabble with you.”


We’re sure Chetan is a fun dad. This cheerful girl is his part reflection.

After reaching Clothes Rack, Malvika didn’t take much time. She actually bought his gifts in just 7 mints!


“Because I know what he buys from here! The colors, the size, the pattern – I know it all”, remarks the dotting daughter.

And we were done.


But we aren’t done with this duo yet. More surprises are going to unfold for you, Chetan. Gear up!

Happy Father’s Day, dear Daddies.

Photo courtesy: Ajit Kumar

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