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We’re Breast-Fed And We Know It!

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  •  July 22, 2015


While working on the breastfeeding campaign for this year’s breastfeeding week, parallely, I came across last year’s Nestle super-baby video. And I have to admit. I gave in to fits of laughter!

What’s a super-baby video to do with breastfeeding, you may ask? I wondered the same! But the catch is… that these tiny animated beings turned into super-babies owing to the nutritional power of breast milk.  As a part of my campaign, I am learning a multitude of things about breastfeeding, but hearing them on this video in these cute and adorable animated voices has got me singing!

Oh oh! And by the way, you all sure must have heard the famous party track “I’m sexy and I know it!” and jived to it! Well, wait till you hear this version, “We’re breast-fed and we know it!

Enough said! Come on go see this cuteness-overdose already!

You’re lying if you say that after watching this you didn’t go “Awwww!” Also I am sure you’ve learnt a thing or two about breastfeeding. For more on it, wait until our breastfeeding campaign makes its entry on our blog! Stay tuned as we are prepping up in full speed to bring to you real stories of nursing mothers.

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