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We wish All Daddies do what Akshay Kumar is doing here!

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  •  May 27, 2015


We couldn’t help sharing this loveliest photo of Akshay Kumar and his daughter Nitara that Twinkle Khanna had generously posted on Twitter. Why? Because we sincerely want every father does the same for his kid.

No, we are not talking about particularly picking mangoes from trees. Although, it is quite a fun activity. We are talking about swimming, reading, jogging, playing hide-and-seek, just talking – whatever daddy can enjoy doing with his daughter or son.

In the end, it is summer time, and parenting is about two people – Mommy and Daddy. Sometimes we forget about this fact in the race for better careers and money-making businesses. But the truth is, children needs both parents equally.

And JWB team wants to make a wish on a falling mango from this tree: Let every kid always have two parents available for him or her. Let every manager know that his executive is a father too. Let our relationships be before anything else.

Drop a Mango here, and your wishes in the comments!

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