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We show the Middle Finger to ‘Two-finger Test’!

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  •  June 10, 2015


In 2013, the Supreme Court said that two-finger test is a violation of the sexual assault survivor’s right to privacy. Before that, this test was used by doctors to detect if the survivor is really raped or not.

In guidelines issued on May 31 this year, the Delhi government said: “To do away with this essential pelvic examination would amount to incomplete assessment of the survivor, which will ultimately result in injustice and low conviction rates.”

Can you imagine the level of embarrassment and strain the survivor has to go through? Do you support this idea? Many women activist groups don’t. They consider it inhuman.

Delhi Commission for Women, chairperson, Brakha Shukla termed the circular as “ridiculous and insulting”.

Another activist said: “It’s a gross violation of the SC ruling. How can the government issue such an order that insults dignity of women?”

Hence, this week, the Delhi government was forced to withdraw the controversial decision on the ‘two-finger test’ on sexual assault victims.

Dr Suneeta Mittal, one of Delhi’s top gynecologists, who also worked on the union ministry guidelines, corroborates Deosthali’s argument by explaining that the two finger test originated in forensic medicine to judge the habituation of a woman to sexual intercourse by the size of her vagina. She says that no gynecologist uses that term and it is completely, scientifically unnecessary to determine sexual assault.

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