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We love ‘Women of Silicon Valley’. It is the new blog!

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  •  April 27, 2015

Lea Coligado is a Stanford student who studies computer science with a minor in Italian. She created a beautiful blog Women of Silicon Valley that spotlights the women in tech.

“One of the biggest challenges for women in tech is feeling alone and outnumbered,” Lea Coligado told in the interview

“I got through some rough patches all because of some great female mentors,” she explained of why she decided to start this project. “I wanted to provide that comfort and inspiration at a larger scale.”

Her inspiration was Humans of New York, which features photos of a wide array of New Yorkers alongside meaningful snippets from their lives.

You will find on her blog empowering interviews with accomplished women in technology, spiced up with shocking anecdotes and inspiring advice:

“It was always the little things that made me feel I didn’t belong. When I attended industry events and people heard I worked for Yahoo, their first question was always, “Do you work in HR? Accounting?” like I couldn’t possibly have been an engineer.

I have actually never run into this at Polyvore. The company is over half women, the management team is 66% women, and the culture emphasizes work-life balance and rewarding people who make an impact to the business. You could say I’ve handled it by choosing to work at a place where it’s not an issue and I have strong women role models to look up to.” – Cindy Wang Chu, engineering manager at Polyvore

“One of the greatest indicators of maturity is revealed in how you respond to the inexperience and the potentially offensive behavior of others. And when you find yourself struggling due to gender discrimination, find courage in knowing that your struggles will only make you even stronger.”
–Marta Gaia Zanchi, Founder and Managing Director of Medinnovo LLC and Lecturer with Stanford University’s School of Medicine in the Biodesign Program.

“Now that I’m pregnant, I am more driven than ever to make something of myself, if for no other reason than to prove it can be done. I talked to the CEO the other day about a room to pump at work after I have the baby. He was very supportive, and in a small way, I feel like a trailblazer being the first woman at my company to have a baby while working there.”
— Sara Mauskopf, Lead of Product at Postmates

We believe that such stories will help inspire the next generation of women in tech. We really can’t stop reading this blog! It is so much fun!

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