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We Curled Up Cozy As Kamiya Jani Was Telling ‘Curly Tales’ Of Her Adventures

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  •  July 4, 2018

Kamiya Jani, the “girl with curls”, went from a prime-time TV Anchor Job to becoming a full-time Travel Blogger. And we were mighty curious about her Curly Tales!

Just imagine this magical mirror equation, Work = Travel and Travel = Work !

We talk about travel all the time, but Kamiya talks less and travels more, and has made the age-old proverb ‘actions speak louder than words’ stand truer than ever before. She fed her passion, which now feeds her, and how can there be any scope of burnout when you love what you do, all the more if you travel for a living!

But somewhere her job-trail (ET NOW, Bloomberg TV and CNBC TV18) had a big role to play in her making the switch, want to know how?

Curl-up in bed with a warm cup of coffee, and travel along our candid chat!

Curly Tales

Let’s begin our conversation with the popular “I love traveling, but if only I had time!” mindset. A piece of your mind?

Everyone has different choices, situations, responsibilities, and as you mentioned, mindset. For me, travel is the only way to nourish my mind, the perfect reward to self for all the hard work. It touches my soul, like no other. But I’d say, please make a window in your routine and plan a trip now and then!

When and how did you take the plunge?

It was exactly a year ago, oh yes, she exclaimed. I have always been passionate about travel, even when I was working as a TV anchor, I was doing a weekly travel show, and it used to make me feel really happy. But eventually, I took the plunge, resigned from my job and dived full time into Travel Blogging.

Curly Tales

And my TV experience had given me a good practice of video-making, so the camera knowledge came in handy.

So do you self-shoot the videos or is there a Camera Team?

When I am traveling, I take all the photographs and videos myself, which are edited and put together on coming back. Though I have made my entire team self-sufficient, so when on shoots, they manage everything singlehandedly.

Kamiya Jani Verma

Team Curly Tales heading to Pune to get you some cool quirky recommendations! #GirlsTrip

That’s nice! Does your team also travel along?

When the trip is sponsored, and if two tickets are made available. So it depends!

Tell me, Kamiya, what exactly is the ‘Earning Structure’ in Travel Blogging?

First six months there was no earning. But gradually as the social media reach increases and brands start noticing your blog, they approach you to partner, and that’s how the earning structure finds a base.

Like my recent Hong Kong trip was sponsored, because they wanted to promote their tourism in India, as it happens to be a big market for them.

Curly Tales

What would be that one unglamorous fact of this profession that you’d like to share with the travel-mesmerized world?

Unlike how it appears, it is a lot of hard work! Not to say that one won’t enjoy, I thoroughly enjoy every bit of it, but the one-minute videos that I make come up after 20 and more hours of hard work. I show the best in that one minute, but it causes a lot of physical exhaustion in terms of jetlag, flight delays, and it sometimes does take a toll on your health.

But having said that, I love traveling, and others may get tired of my traveling, but I never can. So many times people around me say, “Now stop also”, she laughed while recalling!

Delicious Hong Kong Delicacies | Curly Tales

Hong Kong is a land of wonderful landscapes and lip-smacking food. We visited the city to try out new experiences and the local delicacies simply charmed us with their great flavors and taste.

If you want to become a Travel Blogger, you have to ___?

You have to be passionate. Also, well-versed with social media! There’s so much happening in the world that being good at it definitely gives you an edge. Another important thing to not forget is to try and be as helpful as possible in terms of the content. If I only talk about my experiences, it will not make the readers connect; you have to make sure that you are able to convey them the “hey, you, too, can experience the same!” element.

Does your daughter ever tag along with her momma?

My daughter is four, and it is not always possible to make small children travel along. And though it’s difficult for me to leave her behind, she’s gotten used to mum’s quick trips. Moreover, she looks forward to them, because that gives her the chance to spend more time with her grandmum, and says that it’s like a break for her from mum. Ha-ha.

Curly Tales

She further added, I am lucky to have a supportive mother-in-law, my daughter couldn’t be more happy and comfortable, and I couldn’t have left her with anyone.

Any tips you’d like to give to parents for when traveling with kids?

With kids along, choosing the right destination becomes all the more important. For instance, beaches! Kids love being at beaches, it’s a tried and tested formula. And parents must remember that with them they should cut down on sightseeing!

How exactly is a family-travel different from work-travel, for a travel blogger? What are the things that you do differently?

I keep my social media updates to a minimum, she laughed. Though it becomes very difficult for me to hold back my temptation because I so love taking videos, capturing all the gorgeous places I see. And not everything gets put out on the blog, but there is a different kind of joy in going through my library of photographs and videos later.

Curly Tales

Plans of including husband in your profession? *wink*

No, no, not at all, she laughed. He keeps too busy, and his work makes him travel more than I do. So he finds comfort in staying at home when he gets time.

One place you’d both pick for living?

And she took no time to reply, Cape Town! It has both mountains and beaches, and the weather is great, too. Last year we were there, and we were talking about how it has the vibes of both a big city and small and has got everything to offer.

Curly Tales

We’ve been talking about traveling, and I haven’t yet asked you about packing! (Shoo me) Give us a glimpse of your packing regime, would you?

I always travel light, which is one thing that I have now mastered. And how exactly do you manage to do that, my curiosity piqued? Well, I keep dresses for each day, and that way I don’t keep extra stuff. Ah, smart!

So, you aren’t a “last moment” packer? She laughed, no, I very much am! No matter how well trained you are, you still end up packing last moment. Because of which so many times I forget things, but it doesn’t bother me much, I travel for the experience!

Pretty 52

Busted! 😂

And I saw this recent Facebook post of yours! Are you really that younger sister who sneaks into the elder one’s wardrobe?

Oh yes, I do that all the time. Either I borrow or she herself gifts me, laughed on. She has a very good sense of clothes, and I rarely shop. I can go for months without buying anything. So, more or less my wardrobe is either sponsored by her, or by my husband. I’m so jealous, ha-ha.

Curly Tales

I am someone who’d rather spent One Lakh on a trip to Iceland than on a Louis Vuitton Bag!

And as we chatted, she recalled, my passion for travel has come from my family. My father loves traveling. When we were in school, I can’t remember a single weekend spent at home. He’d pack us and the bags and off we’d go in our car. They used to be mostly short trips around the city, but oh-so-much-fun!

Share some travel fashion staples of yours, few mix-n-match smart-travel tips?

Boots! I’m obsessed with them off late. Also, leather pants, they keep you warm and are much more comfortable than denim. And always carry a scarf or stole; nothing can help you create different looks like they do. And of course, sunglasses, never forget them!

Curly Tales

And now time to seek some destination suggestions from the Pro-Traveller!

Honeymoon – Uhmm, Maldives, I think. It makes for one of the best honeymoon destinations. After the extensive Indian wedding ceremonies, one needs to rest it out for 4-5 days, and Maldives’ beaches are the perfect go-to place.

Babymoon – For babymoon I’d say, choose a place where there’s a lot to explore, and don’t go just for rest, of course, with due permission of your doctor. But post pregnancy 6-8 months are anyway about rest, so choose and go to some place where you can relax and there is scope to explore the neighborhood, too!
Curly Tales

Solo travel – Any South Asian country is good for solo travel, and even more if it’s your first time. Hong Kong, Singapore, these are the best options because unlike UK and US, the environment will not be drastically different from India.

What counts as the most self-indulgent and soul-fulfilling experiences for you?

Getting massages, doing adventure sports, and any and every local experience!

Most precious sunrise and sunset you have witnessed?

Among memorable sunrise memories, a cruise trip in Singapore ranks first and second was in Gholaghat, Nepal, which was a family trip. I must say, India is one of the best destinations to experience beautiful moments with the sun. I don’t think I’ve seen the sun setting the way I did sitting on a sand dune in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. We even had breakfast with Peacocks there!

Curly Tales

Oh and, which moment would you hashtag as THE “wanderlust” moment?

Skydiving at Amby Valley, Maharashtra! It was four years ago, and I was there for work. And it may not have been the best place to try it, but those less than 30 seconds in the air were pure bliss. I felt like the most blessed person on this planet and it got me all happily emotional. Certainly my “wanderlust” moment, she hash-tagged!

Curly Tales

Favourite Travel Blogs of Curly Tales?

The Blonde Abroad was the first name she took. And The Bucket List Family (oh, mine too!), if only my family was as travel-friendly, she sighed and laughed. And, Bruised Passports? Oh yes, was just about to take their name!

Now gear up for some quickies!

Craziest food you had – Octopus in Hong Kong

Strangest transport you took – Boat in Nepal. Because that lake was full of crocodiles, of which I got aware later.

Curly Tales

Hairdo experiments – they’re so curly that there’s almost no scope for me to experiment. But I got them red coloured recently if that counts, she laughed.

An adventure you’ll never forget – Bunjee Jumping, which she added, I didn’t quite enjoy. I am an adventure lover, but I don’t think I am ever trying it again!

Highest point you’ve been to – Khardung La Mountain Pass, in Ladhak!

Curly Tales

Aah, and now I desperately need to plan a holiday! But any fear that your passion for traveling helped you face?

The fear of being alone! We are always surrounded by people and family that we often have doubts about solo traveling, that genuine thought of insecurity. I, too, used to ask myself the “will I be able to live alone” question. But having traveled alone so many times now, I can say it is a worthy experience by all means. And even though I am never away for more than 5-6 days, but I no longer have that fear within.

Curly Tales

And last but not the least, the One “fire memory” whose spark will never die?

This one took her a little time to think, not because of the lack of memories, but because her travel bank is filled to the brim, well of course! So after much thinking, she bounced with one, and you ought to know the one story that perhaps will make Kamiya’s grandkids also go all gaga. Ha-ha.

“It was a solo trip that I took when I was 5 months pregnant! I had to go to Ireland on a work trip, and it had taken me a lot of efforts to convince my husband. I used to get motion sick then, and there was a lot of by-water travel, but not even once I felt sick… oh, it was a crazy thing to do!”

And with that, the Travel Blogger escaped on a Time Travel… Happy Journey, Kamiya!

Follow her latest adventures and curly tales here and here.


First published on Nov 24, 2017.


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