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Watch the heartwarming video of kids talking about their kids

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  •  June 10, 2015


Children, in their innocence, often make more sense than adults. One would find it really heart melting to see kids talking about their own future kids with such cuteness. You Tube channel ‘Being Indian’ recently produced a video challenging the existing social stereotypes and promoting awareness.

In the video, few Indian kids are sharing their views on female foeticide, ill-treatment of the girl child and even which country they would prefer to have their kids in!

“Just two to replace me and my wife,” one boy said, replying to question of how many kids he wants to have. One of the girls expressed a desire to have a boy and girl in order to strike a ‘perfect family’ balance. Such wise answers, right? Further, some of them even spoke confidently about which country they want to raise their babies in. According to them, a country with no pollution, good safety measures and equality is a good choice.

Well, I am impressed. Watch this video now:

Wasn’t it a delight to see these 7-12 yr olds having such a bright insight? Talk to your child and share his or her opinions in comments.

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