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Watch How JWB Girls Trip And Fall Learning Zumba With Nidhi Mehta

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  •  October 26, 2015


Have you ever had that weird dream in which you walked into your workplace/school/college wearing pyjamas paired with a baggy t-shirt? Come on, everyone’s had that dream at least once in their lifetime! You’re lying if you say you haven’t!

Well, we the girls of JWB are living that uncanny dream today and are banishing Monday blues #LikeABoss! Wondering the whys and hows of it? Psst, JWB Weekends.

Yeah, this activity has certainly crossed the threshold of the weekend, but hey, we were at the Classroom On Wheels Stall at the Fall Collective on Saturday! How could have we Zumba-ed then? And that too on super-cool Bollywood songs?

So we reserved this Monday morning all footloose and fancy-free exclusively for ‘the dancing’. Brace yourselves to meet the woman who taught us, because her life is nothing less than utopia! She is living ‘the dream’ (and I’m not referring to the above-mentioned absurd dream) because she extracts the most out of the everyday 24 hours by indulging in her work, her family, and her multiple passions.

Say hi to Nidhi Mehta, a 40-something entrepreneur, Bollywood & Zumba dance instructor, founder & blogger of Supermompreneurs, mother of two children, owner of two dogs, and an expert in multi-cuisine cookery.47


Left to Right: Priyanka, Lavanya, Ayushi, Me, Komal

Here’s how our rendezvous with Zumba, umm, dancing, for that matter, went!38

I speak on behalf of all of us when I say: ‘It was a dismal realization of the fact that our bodies don’t have even an iota of flexibility!’ *Sulking*


Nevertheless, some of us strived with a stubborn determination to nail the steps… (Even if we had to become nakalchi bandar)


Stop copying, Priyanka!

…while some of us gave in halfway, (after trying sincerely though) thereby creating a disgraceful replica of Nidhi’s suave moves!


Oh, and there were also few amongst us who had all the attention of the teacher, for all the WRONG reasons, that is. What else do you expect if you do something like bhangra when you’re supposed to simply lean your head?


Lavanya doing the bhangra

We zumba-ed to the rhythms of Galla-Goodiyaan and Tippy-Toes. Aaaand for the cool-down, the song ‘Main hun hero tera’ echoed in the studio. Aaaand Nidhi’s gracious moves on that! Oh my god! Need I say we were mesmerized?5

That split was the almost-death of us, though.



Anyhoo, to sum it up, the entire session was like a breath of fresh air. (Many breaths, actually) We let out our inner Indian streak and danced like no one was watching. Literally.


Ayushi be like: Aaj mai upar aasman neeche!

After the session ended, the rest of the gang huddled back to work, and I sat down to chat with Nidhi and to know her more.

Me: Thaaat was mind-blowing Nidhi! I think I need to do more of this. My body will thank me for it.


Nidhi: Oh it absolutely will! You know what dancing does to a person? It gives a lot of confidence. In my classes in Singapore, the trend with people was to learn Bollywood Dance. They were nuts about it. In the US, they were more focused on fitness. And here in India, I’ve noticed that people come to these classes because they want to be more confident about themselves, especially women.

Me: So what got you into dancing in the first place?

Nidhi: In my life, I would have never thought that I’d take up dancing professionally, but here I am today. I feel some things are destined.37

I am a Marketing Specialist by qualification. I worked in the field for quite some time, but after shifting to the US post-marriage, I quit my job. One fine day in some function, my sister’s friends saw me dancing to Bollywood tunes and asked me to teach their daughters. I was more than happy to do so.38

Gradually, more and more people started coming to me and I came to realize that I was good at teaching. I guess my MBA instinct kicked in and I decided to start my own firm, Bollywood Fitness Dance Studio.

Me: Gooood that you did! What happened next?41

Nidhi: We shifted twice after that. Once to Chennai. Then to Singapore. There I participated with my company and my set of instructors in Singapore Dance Festival. Even today, I continue to do so. I got a lot of invites from corporate across the world to conduct dance workshops. This really brings in a sense of culmination and accomplishment in me because when people ask you to come at whatever price you demand, that’s because they really appreciate you. They want what you bring to the table.

Me: And how was your family amidst all this?42

Nidhi: My husband is extremely supportive. He’s like ‘Do whatever you feel like.’ Even in both my pregnancies, I’ve danced my way until the 7th month. 2 months after the child births, I got back on my dancing toes. But the best part about this profession is that it is very flexible. Back then I took 2-hour class per day and the rest of the day was all mine! I could spend quality time with my family.

Me: What is your fondest memory in this 14-year long career?45

Nidhi: *Chuckles* I think it is the one when my husband joined one of my batches.

Me: *Surprised* Really?

Nidhi: Yes. I paired him with this super-talented student of mine who is also a swing dancer. And he would always tell me ‘Why do you have to pair me up with her! She keeps flying me around from here to there!’ That was really cute! Also he and I have danced together at certain events… like the kids newly in love. We still laugh at those memories sometimes. *Blushes*40

Then there was this one time in my thirties when I performed in a dance festival with my young twenty-something students! *Laughs* Being a mother of two dancing on ‘Sheela Ki Jawani’! That made me feel so good and sexy about myself. That’s the thing about dance! It makes you feel youthful!

Me: It probably does. I don’t dance much and I feel like an old granny. Anyways, when did Jaipur happen? How does your day roll here?44

Nidhi: We moved here in 2011 and started our own e-commerce business by the name NeedyBEE. It caters to kids’ accessories. That is where I’m heading to after this. Besides that, I’m into a lot of cooking. I cook Lebanese, Italian, Burmese, Vietnamese and other cuisines. I want to start an experiential dining venture soon! Cooking and dancing are therapeutic for me.

My kids have also absorbed my passions. They cook amazing food. Also, I have two dogs. Other than all this, whenever I get time, I read a good book or watch movies with my family.

Me: I am stunned! How do you manage to juggle so much so effortlessly?43

Nidhi: Umm, see dance is not ‘work’ for me, it is my passion. It never stresses me out. At work, my area of operations is restricted to sales and marketing. The rest is taken care of by my husband. Our office is 0.5 kms from our home, and I usually cycle to work. So then again, it cuts down on all the time wasted in driving and traffic. What really works for me is I don’t invest my time in unnecessary random kitty parties or gatherings. I choose to spend my time more productively.48

Me: Whoa! I’m sure we have not only to learn Zumba and Bollywood dance from you, but time management skills too!

PS: I want to Zumba again! #TakeMeBackPlease!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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