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Watch How JWB Girls End Up Playing Holi While Making Rangoli

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  •  November 10, 2015


DIWALI IS HERE!! Woot! Woot!

Out of all the Indian festivals, Diwali is my absolute favorite. There are lights everywhere, and the feel of festivity frizzles all around. People are buying new clothes, sweets are being distributed, houses are getting all decked up, rangolis adorn the otherwise barren floors, the smell of baarood hangs in the air, taash parties make a comeback, and what not!. Aaah! I so love Diwali.

Diwali festivities are supposed to be carried out with one’s family. And JWB is a family on its own. Hence, just before everyone returned to their homes in different cities, we decided to have an ‘ethnic day’ in the office, where we made a Rangoli together, as a JWB weekend activity.

And as a fact, when the family comes together on one project, there is bound to be chaos, which results in something beautiful in the end!

It started with us taking  a solid 15 minutes to decide upon the perfect place for creating the rangoli! Half of us voted for one place, and then half of us for another. It was a complete mayhem! Before the entire thing turned into a mass upheaval, our blogger-in-chief intervened and set her foot down! *And her word is absolute, FYI*

Komal, our rockstar, started enthusiastically but quietly exited when me, Shivani and Priya started taking things over. Sooorrrryyy! She sat on a plastic chair, and proceeded to shower us with her expert guidance.


I had never made Rangoli ever in my life before, but those beautiful colors made my inner Picasso come alive.


Shivani: I had participated in a rangoli making competition in school when I was in the second grade! I know what I’m doing.

Priya: W-O-W, second grade huh? We’re in safe hands, Ayushi. Monet is here!




We started out simple by lining the square tile with a vibrant magenta -pink color. I concentrated hard on getting it right, with more concentration than I could manage.

And then we were stumped. We looked at one another, trying to figure out what to do next. Hey, that square took a lot of work! 

Among other treasures, we found these sieves with beautiful designs on them. After a little tug-of-war (which me and Shivani won), we placed it in the center and put blue color on it.

6 79Me: Again, again, again! See, there are two more!

8 10




The second time was disaster, sadly.

I turned to my left, I saw Shivani holding this weird small plastic box filled with the same color. She filled the margins effortlessly by just shaking it up and down. And here I was doing it by hand. Grrr.

It was an opportunity for some mischief. Ha-Ha. I quietly stole that small plastic god-send from her. Shivani looks around for the container, finds it in my hand and gives me a death stare. He-He!


I’m a little clumsy, unfortunately.


Shivani lines the magenta with yellow. Since, we knew nothing else!


I went back to doing it with hand, and sprinkled some green to create petals.


Our little activity started attracting more and more people, who contributed their useful insights.

19 20

It was such a mess, a duster needed to be brought down to even out everything.


Ana, our lady-boss watched our shenanigans adoringly. And Priya was just tired!

24 25Shivani and Priyanka started bickering, as usual! Shivani glares evidently at Priyanka.

27 29 30

Komal just gave up, and started playing with the clay!

31 32

Finalyyyyyy, out rangoli started taking shape. Our middle flower was more like a four-leaved clover, but we were not complaining!


In midst of everything, Priya got her hands on a Rubik’s cube and evidently, got distracted.


We took some time to get our pictures clicked too!

37 38

Ana brought down some goodies to give the rangoli an edge. A cage, a cube, some figurines, a mustache, and a cat! Yes, we at JWB have our own sense of style!

39 43 44

The Rubik’s cube clearly had our blogger Priya baffled and confused!

46 47

Colors started getting filled, and we sighed in relief! We would not get fired, after all!

48 49 50

Everything was set in place, and everyone ooh’d and aah’d!


We at JWB have a flair for creating metaphors, and here is our twist on the concept. A woman is caged by her own inhibitions, fears, and thoughts. Outside the cage rest the things she’s afraid of. Once she frees herself of those, she holds the power to come of the cage which limits her to spread happiness, joy and color all around in her life. And of course, the mustache is a symbol of JWB, who shall forever be there to cover HER story.


Aaaaaaand voila! We are undoubtedly proud of ourselves. Thoughts?

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