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Watch How A Woman-On-Wheelchair Responded To A Stupid Question

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  •  July 13, 2015


“This body wasn’t made to meet your definition of desirable. This body doesn’t exist to be taken or left. This body is broken but it is beautiful. My body will not be denied its worth. My body will keep the job of being my body, perfectly.”

These are the words from Kelsey Warren’s mesmerizing spoken word poem, “My Body”.

Beautiful! Yes. There is no other word that comes to my mind when I begin to write about the video which shows her recital. The pitch of her voice and the look on her face when she recites the poem are spectacular! As if the words weren’t empowering enough!

Say hi to Kelsey Warren, a woman-on-a-wheelchair, who candidly spoke about, umm, better still, recited about those rude stares, and those discourteous questions which are launched at physically disabled people. Humor and sarcasm get the better of her usually when she answers them, but this one question, led to her outburst.

She was asked: “So do you like let your partner have a side relationship so they can have normal sex every once in awhile?”

Watch this video to find out her reply…

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