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Watch How A Girl’s Virginity Can STILL Affect The Match-making Process In India

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  •  September 30, 2015


A short film by Purani Dili Talkies shows a normal discussion happening between a husband and wife on the dinner table.

While talking about the husband’s brother who is hunting for a wife, the couple reaches a point where the issue of virginity pops up. His brother is looking for a virgin wife even though he had affairs will numerous other girls in the past! The husband reveals how his family has been REJECTING girls because they aren’t virgin.

To which, the wife asks, “But how does that matter?” She advocates on behalf of these girls who have told the brother openly about their virginity, saying, “The fact that she answered his question honestly, shows that she has a good character, in fact.”

We second you, dear wifey!

In the video, to explain the matter to her husband in a language he can understand, the wife says, “We’ve had a good marriage for so many years now? Did you know for a fact that I was a virgin?” *Plot twist*

Watch the video here:

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