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Watch 100 Years of Indian Beauty Unfold in 2 Minutes

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  •  May 28, 2015


How do you fit a century’s worth of Indian Beauty into a two-minute video?

From Bollywood bling to beautiful henna tattoos, spectacular time-lapse video by the YouTube channel ‘Cut Video’ tells how Indian beauty trends have changed over the past 100 years.

Model Trisha stars in the video, which shows evolving beauty standards in India over the last century. A team of stylists redoes her hair, make-up, and accessories to demonstrate the ways women’s looks have changed over time. Each of her makeovers shows a popular beauty look from a single decade over the past century, starting with the 1910s and ending in the 2010s.

From braids to loose waves, red lips to smoky eyes, it is all stunning.

This video is a part of a series called ‘100 Years of Beauty’ and they have so far portrayed women from USA, Iran, Korea, Mexico and Philippines.

According to Mike Gaston, the creative director of Cut Video, the research is the most labor-intensive part of creating these videos. The researchers don’t just spend a few minutes Googling a culture’s history; they go to libraries and spend days scanning photos.

“We try to find researchers who are very specific to the culture,” says Gaston. “For the Iran episode, the main researcher is a student at the University of Washington majoring in Persian studies and the history of fashion, and she was recommended to us by the head of the Persian studies department there.”

Gaston thinks one reason the videos have become so popular is that they create a “cheerleading aspect” wherein people of a certain culture think, Yay! Somebody’s actually paying attention to us and they are doing it authentically.

Now it is your turn to comment whether Indian Beauty was shown authentically. JWB Team got a feeling that something is really missing. But what?

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